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          美国F1签证必须准备的23个问题 附参考答案解析 - 启程留学

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          • 浏览:36751

          东京大学SGU申请团队 10年申请经验:https://qic.ac.cn/【微信/QQ:1119261】

          根据过往经验  ,面签的时候签证官会问到以前学习的学校、专业  ,工作的公司名称等  ,以及相关的一些细节 。针对这类问题 ,申请者只需如实回答  ,并适时主动的出示证明自己言论的相关文件  ,比如毕业证、成绩单、辞职信、以前的名片等  。选择美国、目标学校、所学专业的原因  。

          对于这部分问题  ,申请者要提高警惕 。虽然有些申请者有毕业之后在美工作几年或者移民的打算  ,而这我们重点要回避的  。


          我们可以从学术氛围、可用资源、教育水平等方面强调美国的优势 ,尤其可以强调自己的学校在所学专业上的特点  。当签证官会问申请者申请了几所学校 ,分别是什么的时候  ,一般列举6、7相同档次的即可  。如果申请的学校过多或者档次拉开的过大  ,可能给签证官一个为了到美国读书而申请的原因  ,从而怀疑我们的留学动机  。


          针对这类问题 ,我们推荐申请者把学校的地理位置有一个初步的了解 。并且了解这个专业的课程设计、毕业流程、自己所学专业或者导师最近的研究课题等  。如果设计到一些敏感专业  ,尽量详细介绍自己即将开展的课题的“非敏感性” ,并积极出示相关证明材料 ,如美国导师写的support letter、导师的简历以及自己在相关领域的论文等  。


          不管冷门专业还是热门专业  ,申请者都要尽量让签证官看到申请者对就业的信心 。尤其需要强调所学专业在中国的发展空间  ,以及潜在的就业方向  ,可以列举需要此专业人才的大公司、政府部门或者学校的名字  。



          What will you study in the United States? (你将在美国学习什么)

          I will study for my Ph.D degree in Electric and Computer Engineering in Auburn University.


          What is your major? In what aspect of your major will you study?(你的专业是什么  ?你准备修什么方面的专业?)

          What's your favorite subject? My major of undergraduate study in ZhongShan university is Computational Science and my major of Ms' degree in Peking University is Computer Engineering. My specified field of study is Video and Image Processing.


          What will you do in USA? / Are you going to study in USA?(你将在美国做什么?/你准备在美国学习?)

          I will study for my Ph.D degree in Electric and Computer Engineering in Auburn University. I plan to finish my study in about 4 years and then come back to china.


          Why not continue your studies in China?(为什么你不继续在中国学习呢?)

          Because my career goals are to become a senior executive in a 5-star hotel within 5 years and set up my own hotel within 10 years. In order to achieve these goals, I need advanced and professional knowledge in Hospitality Management. The US can provide the best opportunity for me to get what I need.You know, there is still a gap between Chinese educational level and the American's. The US has the best educational recourses and models in the world, and the American education combines practical experience with classroom theory while the Chinese education focuses more on theory.Moreover, hospitality industry is highly developed in America. So I can learn the latest information about hospitality management to enrich my knowledge.


          When/where did you get your BS/MS?(什么时候/在哪里你拿到理学学士学位/硕士学位?)

          I got my Bachelor's degree in Computational Science in 2006 from ZhongShan university. I got my Master's degree in Computer Engineering in 2010 from Peking University.


          What/where are you studying now? (你现在在哪里学习?)

          I'm unemployed now. I quited my job in October this year.


          How long will you study in USA? (你将在美国学习多久?)

          About 4 years. If I wok hard i can get my PHD within a shorter time.


          Have you received any scholarship?(你拿到什么奖学金吗?)

          I did apply for scholarship but I don't know the result yet. Since my advisor told me scholarships will not be processed until after the start of the semester. But ever


          Why you don't receive financial aid from this Univ.?(你为什么从学校获得了助学金?)

          No, the competition in Electric Engineering is very fierce and the budget for international students who want to enroll in Spring semester is limited, so I didn't get any scholarship.


          What do you do with your work for PhD? (你为你的博士学位做了什么 ?)

          I will take courses, teaching, do research, and finish my thesis in the area of image processing to get my Ph.d in Electric Engineering in 4 years.